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Sustainability is part of our business

We know tea

We believe that being transparent is an important part of becoming more sustainable. By sharing knowledge about our business and how we make our tea, you as a customer get more power. And the more you know, the more informed decisions you can make.

Organic Certified

An organically grown product is produced without any environmental toxins such as fertilizers or chemical pesticides. In India, there is an ecological logo to ensure consumer protection and common standards. When consumers, like yourself, choose to buy certified organic, you need to be sure they receive exactly what you pay for. Of course, Life by Follis is organic certified, both within India and the European Union.

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We comply with the rules on organic production laid down in Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No 889/2008. Control has been carried out by the certification body, HS Certifiering AB, SE-EKO-04.

It is designed to give you full confidence that the goods you buy are produced fully in line with the Indian Organic Regulation, or if they are imported goods, equivalent or identical strict rules.

Fairtrade Certified

Fairtrade is an independent product label and your guarantee that a product meets international Fairtrade criteria. Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow and create the things we love. It’s all about making trade fair.

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Choose Fairtrade-marked products and create conditions for growers and employees in developing countries to improve their working and living conditions. ​

  • Growers and employees receive improved financial conditions
  • Premiums for investments in local society and business
  • Child labor and discrimination are prevented
  • Democracy development and organizational law are promoted
  • Environmental considerations and organic production are promoted

Today there is a wide range of Fairtrade labeled products to choose from, e.g. coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, bananas and other daily utility products.  

Fairtrade is an independent product label and your guarantee that a product meets international Fairtrade criteria. Fairtrade India is the Indian representative in Fairtrade Labeling Organizations Internationally (FLO). Life by Follis is Fairtrade-labelled tea.

Life By Follis

Code of Conduct

We visit the estate on a regular basis and talk to the people working on the plantation and in the factory to make sure that its all according to the Organic and Fairtrade standards. Environment and ethics is always in focus for us. We have now formalized this work by producing two codes of conduct; Code of Conduct – our commitment to you as a customer. Supplier Code of Conduct – our requirements for our suppliers.

Our responsability

Projects we support

School for all

The plantation in Nilgiri runs the largest school in the district. The school currently has approximately 1,300 students from preschool through elementary school to high school. Children of both factory workers and managers study under the same roof with the same conditions. For students who live far away, accommodation is available during the week and for those without family there is an orphanage

Better work tools

For the 350 tea pluckers on the plantation in the Blue Mountains, We have replaced the heavy and unwieldy baskets to lightweight baskets with a high collar to easily throw the tea leaves over the shoulder. The traditional bamboo baskets weight 4000 g and the new light basket 400 g.

Medical care on
equal terms

On the plantation, the workers have free housing and the opportunity to visit nurses and doctors free of charge. In case of more serious illnesses, there is one of its own ambulance and a larger hospital in the district with access to specialist doctors, x-rays and surgery. All this is made and operated by the plantation.

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