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Life By Follis


The carefully produced organic tea of premium quality with innovative flavors is made from meticulously chosen ingredients, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The makers take pride in sourcing directly from the plantation to control production from the tea plant to the cup.

To provide consumers with the best and most palatable tea, only two leaves and a bud are harvested. The tea plants thrive high up in the Indian mountains within a single plantation, earning it the classification of Single Estate. The tea is produced according to the orthodox method, adding depth to the flavour. All ingredients used in crafting this exquisite tea are of the highest quality.

Life By Follis

We know tea

We are pioneers and market leaders in Organic, Fairtrade and ethically Certified tea. Life by Follis possesses a unique knowledge of its origin, having been planted, picked, and produced with precision. The tea undergoes a meticulous hand-picking process, selecting only the top two leaves along with the bud, which holds the highest concentration of flavonoids (antioxidants). This ensures that the tea maintains the best leaves and maximizes the natural goodness of the tea plant.


Our Commitment

We ensure that teas produced through us always makes a difference. With our code of conduct and certfications we are commited to high standards for our suppliers and partners. We also run various development projects to improve working conditions, fair living conditions for the people who work in the production.

Håkan Kjellström

Our Founder

Håkan Kjellström, the visionary founder of Life By Follis in 2020, discovered his passion for Asia at a young age. Exploring India and Nepal as a young man, he immersed himself in the local culture, and experiencing first hand life of ordinary people. This profound experience has ignited the spark of a meaningful mission to make a positive impact.

Upon returning to Sweden, Håkan with a degree in political science on South Asia, briefly worked as a media salesman, but the call to create something purposeful led him back to Asia, attending trade fairs across different countries. It was during these travels that he decided to import high-quality tea to Sweden, recognizing tea as a centuries-old craft with a rich history. Despite having minimal knowledge about tea initially, the conviction in his business idea drove Life By Follis to specialize in certified organic and ethical teas right from the outset.


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Embarking on a journey across Sweden, a nation known for its coffee culture, Håkan found the tea selection lacking in quality. However, his commitment to sustainability resonated with many, as seven out of ten companies his team visited became immediate customers. Sustainability has been at the core of Life By Follis, challenging every aspect of production.

Håkan emphasizes, “From the beginning, most of our products have been crafted under ethical and environmentally friendly conditions.”

With a focus on traceability from plant to cup, Life By Follis ensures that their tea is not only fresh and orthodox produced but also made from high-quality raw materials. Håkan Kjellström, as the Founder & CEO, continues to guide Life By Follis in its mission to provide tea enthusiasts with a sustainable, ethical, and exceptional tea experience.




Many teas before me are a bit bitter – but why leave a bitter taste? When you choose me you get a sweet happiness in your cup. Let’s focus on what matters – You and I – and we don’t need any milk or sugar either!


I love you, the planet, and the lovely people who grow me. I’m Organic and Fairtrade Certified for better working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. Choose me, and together we’ll make a difference!


I’m not just any tea bag – I’m your super safe and healthy little friend that tastes great. There is no need to add anything and I can keep up with you anywhere. So, where are we going today?

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